USPTO SealIt has been an exciting 5 year journey at MakersLED. We are pleased to announce the USPTO has granted MakersLED the patents to our unique t-slot heatsinks.

It is amazing for us to look back at how such an innovative invention could disrupt the entire custom lighting industry. The core innovation is, in brief,  a unique precision t-slot, integrated with heatsink fins, all carefully organized to allow the use of standard hardware – to allow the mounting and remounting of standard and non-standard LEDs.

This is an extraordinary achievement for MakersLED. Taking a look at the USPTO statistics for last year, only about 50% of patents are actually granted. Our patents passed all the extensive diligence checks of the United States Patent Office for novelty and non-obviousness.

Patents are amazing tools. Without them, larger ruthless companies in the USA or China can rapidly knock-off our products and cut us out of the market we spent much R&D and risked tens of thousands of dollars developing — from scratch. MakersLED was founded on this core technology.

MakersLED patents can be found by searching  9,366,422 and US D717,986 S.


Companies interested in licensing our unique t-slot heatsink invention can contact us at All valid inquires will be followed up by our IP licensing agent.

Online LED Planning Tool

Makers LED Plan ToolAt MakersLED, we want to make planning your LED build as easy as possible.

With our latest creation, planning, collaborating, and sharing your next lighting project has never been easier.

Launch our planning tool and start planning that research, vivarium, freshwater, saltwater, grow, or shop lighting project:


Overview: The web based application has 6 tool pallet tabs to:

  1. Drop a bottom view of the MakersHEATSINK
  2. Add LEDs, Color Overlays, Drivers, Power Sources
    • Click an LED, LED color, screw, power supply, then drag it into position
      MakersLED Planning tool - Adding LEDs
  3. Draw Wires and Lines
  4. Label and Annotate
  5. Delete, Move, Rearrange order
  6. Save and Share
    • Use the “Edit Link” for an editable copy and share with remote collaborators (bookmark the link!– the link is your password)
    • Use the “Shareable” link to share a read-only copy of the image (share via email on or forums)


Google-Chrome-icon Built and tested for Google Chrome on your desktop computer

If you have any feedback or problems please comment below. Happy building!


Illuminating ABC News

There are hundreds of aquarium and planted tanks out there using the MakersHEATSINK, but we have never seen one like this.  David Wood works with the Los Angles ABC news station and uses his MakersHEATSINK fixture to help produce the news. David was kind enough to share a few photos from his unique LED lighting application.

David has definitely gone the extra mile, putting 2x 90W fixtures into his ENG (electronic news gathering) toolbox, including a daylight 5600k and a mixed 3200k/5600k version. As show in in the photos, there are some unique features to this build,  including a XLR 4-pin power plug, external 12v-16v input,  2 position power switch, MakersDRIVER 2up PRO, fuse, and waterproof power supplies. David uses high end LEDs rated at 3V @ 1Amp, in combination with lenses. 

On his next build, he plans on using 12 even higher quality LEDs with reflectors instead of lenses. He also has another camera-mounted build in the works using the MakersHEATSIN Slim with a dual controlled 3200W/5600k fixture at 35w.

David said that his builds have been “a lot of fun to design and build, as well as a nice tool to have in a more mobile environment in today’s ENG environment.”

We’re impressed and give kudos to David for his high build quality and eye for detail.

What are you using your MakersHeatsink for?




In this blog post we’ll build up a MakersHEATSINK Slim with the 70W Lumia 5.2 LED module.


Even though LEDs are considerably more efficient than other light sources, they still create heat and require a heatsink to ensure a long lifetime…

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New! MakersLED Power Supply Cover

render with psuFinding a high wattage LED power supply that is consumer friendly is not easy. Believe us, we have looked…and looked.  If you do find one, they are expensive.  Here at MakersLED, we have designed a cover that will go onto many affordable chassis/frame power supplies that are 115mm x 50mm. This is a common power supply size that is fairly standardized.

When you use a chassis power supply without a cover or enclosure, it opens you up to safety risks like leaving AC power exposed, which creates electrocution and possible shorting hazards.

This power supply cover will work for many applications ranging from LED lighting (ie, combined with MakersDRIVERS), 3D printers, CNC Routers, Laser Cutters, or any hobby project that requires high voltage safety and convenience.

MakersLED-Power-Supply-CoverPlease visit the Product Page for full specifications

This power supply is currently available through MakersLED Factory Direct and

MakersCONTROLLER Firmware: 5 Channels & New Features!

MakersCONTROLLER-screen-oveFor the last 3 weeks, we have been shipping MakersCONTROLLERs with updated firmware. The updates include:

  • 5 independent channels when used with the 5Up PRO MakersDRIVERs
  • 4 independent channels when used with 2 or more 2Up PRO MakersDRIVERs
    • Note: there is a jumper on the bottom of the MakersDRIVER 2up, when installed, allows it to “listen” on channels 3&4 (versus channels 1&2)
  • Individual start/stop times for each channel (user requested)
  • Thunderstorms & Lightning
  • Improved Randomized Cloud Cover
  • Improved Demo/Simulation mode- to help you preview an entire day in a few minutes

USB programming cables sets and instructions are available for $8 + shipping which will allow for field upgrades on existing controllers.

The MakersCONTROLLER retails for $50 and helps your LED build simulate day & night.

MakersDRIVER Compared

In this post we compare the MakersDRIVER to 2 Meanwell ELN-60 LED drivers. The Meanwell ELN series has been a long used LED driver in many DIY LED builds.

The MakersDRIVER proved to be less expensive, have more control options, have cleaner wiring, and a more finished look. Look below to see for yourself…

MakersDRIVER comapred to 2 of the Meanwell ELN-60 Series LED DriversYou may be able to build an LED fixture for less cost than either of the above configurations, but it will be difficult to achieve the simplicity and finished look the MakersDRIVER brings to the MakersLED heatsink.

* Dependent on Forward Voltage of LEDs, Input voltage, drive current

The MakersDRIVER and MakersCONTROLLER are currently available at The MakersDRIVER retails for $62 and the MakersCONTROLLER retails for $50.

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