USPTO SealIt has been an exciting 5 year journey at MakersLED. We are pleased to announce the USPTO has granted MakersLED the patents to our unique t-slot heatsinks.

It is amazing for us to look back at how such an innovative invention could disrupt the entire custom lighting industry. The core innovation is, in brief,  a unique precision t-slot, integrated with heatsink fins, all carefully organized to allow the use of standard hardware – to allow the mounting and remounting of standard and non-standard LEDs.

This is an extraordinary achievement for MakersLED. Taking a look at the USPTO statistics for last year, only about 50% of patents are actually granted. Our patents passed all the extensive diligence checks of the United States Patent Office for novelty and non-obviousness.

Patents are amazing tools. Without them, larger ruthless companies in the USA or China can rapidly knock-off our products and cut us out of the market we spent much R&D and risked tens of thousands of dollars developing — from scratch. MakersLED was founded on this core technology.

MakersLED patents can be found by searching  9,366,422 and US D717,986 S.


Companies interested in licensing our unique t-slot heatsink invention can contact us at All valid inquires will be followed up by our IP licensing agent.

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