Makers SLIM HEATSINK - It's Slim.

It’s Slim:

  • 1.5 inches thick, 6.2 inches Wide
  • thermally optimized, 392 square inches total surface area per foot
  • 6063 heatsink grade aluminum
  • tempered and anodized for durability
  • black anodized for improved heat radiation
  • 7 lanes of LED mounting area


MakersHEATSINK Slim: It's a Kit

The Kit Includes:

  • cut to length heat sink housing
  • black anodized to protect finish and improve radiant heat transfer
  • 1/16″ [1.5mm] clear acrylic splash guard
  • two plastic end caps [injection moulded ABS plastic]
  • stainless steel assembly hardware [on exposed parts]
  • 4-40 screws and nuts, enough for 25 LED’s [per 12”]*
  • nylon washers, enough for 25 LED’s [per 12”]*

*nano fixtures (6″) include enough hardware for 12 LEDs, 18” fixtures include enough hardware for 37 LEDs.


Makers HEATSINK SLIM-The Right Size.

The Right Sizes:

6 inches to 6 feet: the most length options in the industry

Standard lengths include:

  • 0.5ft / 6in “Nano” (15.2 cm)
  • 1ft (30.5  cm)
  • 1.5ft (45.7 cm)
  • 2ft (61 cm)
  • 3ft (91.4 cm)
  • 4ft (121.9 cm)
  • 6ft (182.9 cm)


Makers SLIM Heatsink: The t-slots.

t-Slots for Ease of Use and Flexibility

MakersLED SLIM Heatsink t-slot AnimationMakersHEATSINK SLIM uses “t”-slots for ease of LED mounting and re-configuring (patented and pending).

Why be locked into a particular LED package, color spectrum, or vendor when you don’t have to?

Why use screws? Screws help reduce the thermal resistance of your LEDs – by increasing contact pressure with the heatsink, keeping LEDs cooler.



Makers SLIM Heatsink - Get Mounting Your LEDs

How Many LEDs?

The kit includes enough hardware to mount 25 LEDs per foot. The heatsink has enough area to mount ~85 star LEDs/foot, but it is not practical to keep this many LEDs cool in such a small area.

MakersHEATSINK SLIM is a solid extruded piece aluminum with no large milled out fan pockets or thermal voids.

A 1 foot SLIM heatsink in open air will cool approximately:

  • 33 watts of LEDs with no fan
  • 85 – 100 watts of LEDs with a Fan
    • Example: One Lumia 5.2 @ 70W will run at a cool temperature of 85F [29C] on the backside of the the heatsink (with a fan)

If you need more cooling power, check out the heavier duty classic MakersHEATSINK.



Makers SLIM HEATSINK - Options

Options (Sold Separately)


Makers Heatsink SLIM: 3D Printable Parts

By Makers for Makers: 3D Printable Models

Welcome to the future. The 3D models to our plastic parts available for you to download and 3D print yourself.


Makers Heatsink SLIM - Made in the USA

Made in the USA

It is unusual these days, but we extrude our heatsink products right here in the USA. Americans extrude, cut, QC, and box every single MakersHEATSINK kit.


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MakersHEATSINK is Patented and Patent Pending